Asset Management

Leverage of Asset Management.

Offers robust asset management features to streamline and track your organization’s assets effectively while optimizing maintenance schedules.

A Solid Foundation in Enterprise Asset Management

Visibility into Asset-related data, decisions, and processes to build trust and confidence.


Practice of collecting and analyzing data from Assets in real-time to gain insights into their behavior and performance.


Ensure that assets meet regulatory and industry standards, as well as internal policies and procedures.


Enable organizations to gain a holistic view of their assets, streamline processes, and make better-informed decisions across the entire enterprise.

Leverage the Future Asset Management
Engross with
Detailed Asset Registry

A comprehensive database that contains key information about Assets provides maximum optimization.

Life Cycle Automation

Use technology to automate Asset Management processes across the entire Asset life cycle.

Prior Notifications

Timely maintenance and warranty renewals proactively plan and schedule maintenance activities and avoid unplanned downtime, ensuring warranty claims are made promptly to maximize cost savings.

Leveraging External Systems

Streamline data exchange and improve functionality, enabling the Asset Management system to work seamlessly with other third-party systems.

Holistic Data Insight

Gain a complete and comprehensive view of all relevant data related to an organization’s Assets.

Detailed Tracking

Monitor and record all aspects of an Asset’s life cycle, including acquisition, maintenance, and other assignments that enable tracking the performance of Assets over time.

Barcode QR Code Configurations

Generate unique codes for each Asset to streamline Asset identification, an essential tool for organizations with large and diverse Asset inventories.

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